Dressage is the basic of Jumping


Dressage is the basic of showjumping , we speak about experience .
When we go and see some saleshorses most of them they are not loose on one side because most of the showjumpingriders only ride on one side and jump and jump .

We see to much that most horses have no good schooling of dressage in the showjumpingworld .

More and more people are buying a showjumper a young one but they start training with there showjumping coach who has not his focus on the dressage to build something good .

A horse that is straight in his body  and has got a gearbox is more easy to ride in a competition so it's time to change your attidute as showjumper and start on your flatwork and dressageskills .

If you want to improve your skills feel free to contact us and we make a programm.

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